Open Air

Summertime visitors

In the late 1910s, a decision was made to create a public park with an open-air museum and sports ground in what were then the north-eastern outskirts of Umeå. The park was to be sited at a vantage point to offer spectacular views of the city, with the sports ground lower down the hill.

A diverse range of buildings from across the county have been moved to the open-air museum since early 1921. Most of the buildings have agricultural origins, including farmhouses, sheds, cowsheds, bakehouses, barns and mills.

But it is not just the world of the farmer on display at the museum. Town, school, church and the landless are also represented. The Sámi settlements have been built up from specimens from different locations in Västerbotten County.


Wednesdays nights during the summer car collectors meet and show what they've got.

Learn about the buildings in the area.