Sune Jonsson Center
for Documentary Photography

At the center it is shown documentary photography and films, and various selections of images from the museum's archives.

The Museum's photographic archives are an important cultural collection of about four million images from the 1800s to the present. Among these are all the photographs of multi-award-winning photographer Sune Jonsson (1930–2009), and his films which were added from the 1950s to 1990s. His documentary work in text and image is today an example for many and a constant source of inspiration. The new centre in his name is an arena for photographic exhibitions and programmes about making documentaries then and now, with photo library and film room.

Sune Jonsson:

"You have to thwart time and save threatened environments, people and phenomena so that in the future we can at least meet them in documentary photographs. This has been and remains my ambition."

From the exhibition We and the others, VODA, 2014

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