Sixten Fager – A time of transition

19 March –17 September 2017

Sixten Fager (1920–2010) is without doubt one of the foremost and most devoted interpreters of the mountain landscape of Västerbotten. He captures the dramatic beauty of this ever-changing landscape in all seasons of the year and in all weather. From the figurative expression of his early work, as the years went on he developed an ever more refined and abstract imagery with strong expressive qualities.

Sixten Fager was born in Ekträsk in Vindeln. He worked as a train driver for many years and lived in Vännäs from 1943. Work as a train driver meant a great deal of time off, which Fager devoted entirely to painting. In Vännäs he came into contact with the artist CM Lindqvist, who gave him advice and encouragement. Thus encouraged, Sixten Fager presented his first exhibition of some 40 works in the school in Vännäs in 1954.

Success spurred him on and he often took leave from work so as to be able to devote himself more fully to painting. But it was not until 1967 that he began to work as an artist full time. His home base was then Gumboda, with frequent visits to his mountain studio at Breviken near Överuman.

Spring arrival