The Ski exhibition

Thanks to a donation, a collection of skis in exemplary order came to Västerbotten Museum in 1963. This diligent collecting work had been done by  Major Artur Zettersten among others, who had been responsible for the collection during the years it was exhibited at Fiskartorpet in Stockholm.  Currently we are exhibiting parts of this vast collection, along with stories about Västerbotten's famous skiers from the 1960s to 2000s: Ingemar Stenmark, Per Elofsson, Anja Pärson and Toini Gustafsson-Rönnlund.


Photo: Petter Engman

The Kalvträsk ski – the world’s oldest preserved ski?
A pair of skis and a pole were found in 1924 in a bog outside Kalvträsk, in northern Västerbotten. One of the skis disintegrated as soon as it was dug up. Using the C14 method and dendrochronology, the more complete ski has been dated at around 5,200 years old. It was thus made using Stone Age technology in about 3200 BC.

The ski was so valuable to its owner in the Stone Age that it was mended with sinew when it split. The straps for the binding have been inset into the underside of the ski so as not to impede progress. Similar shovel-shaped poles were used by the Sami people as recently as the 20th century. Only one pole was used when skiing.