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Beginning of the Party

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By Marie Hald

Alcohol traditionally plays an essential role in many different settings in the Danish society. Just one hundred years ago, beer used to be a normal beverage for every meal and our traditions are still very much tied up around alcohol.

For years, Danish teenagers have been breaking records when it comes to drinking alcohol. According to the Comparative Child Well-being survey, nearly one in three Danish teenagers aged 13-15 have been drunk at least twice. This puts Denmark at the top two percent in the world of OECD’s list of young consumers of alcohol.

Beginning to drink can be seen as a rite of passage into adult life. In Denmark numerous activities and parties are arranged by parents with the purpose of sending young boys and girls into the part of their lives where alcohol is a normal setting for every social event. Marie Hald focuses on the Danish phenomenon of “Halfest” (‘Gym Party’) – a discotheque hosted by adults and a common place for a Danish child to have his/her first experience with alcohol.

Hald’s photographic journey contains both the settings of the traditional “halfest” as well as “pre-parties” hosted at parents’ houses.

Marie Hald (b.1987) lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. She graduated with a BA in photojournalism at The Danish School of Media and Journalism.

Hald has won a World Press Photo Award, The Danish Picture of the Year and many other international prizes for her long term project documenting the life of a danish mother working in the sex industry. Hald has exhibited at museums such as Haus der Photographie der Deichtorhallen, Hamburg to Nobel’s Peace Center in Oslo.

She exhibited her solo exhibition ‘A New Me’ 2018 at Fotografiska, The Swedish Museum of Photography.

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