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Participants – Photo Seminar

Albin Biblom is a photographer and filmmaker.His projects revolve around our complex relationship with nature and our need to master and control our environment. Biblom explores the thin line between curiosity, dominance, appreciation and control – and reveal the human’s tendency to project themselves on to nature.

Fanny Carinasdotter is an artist and explores different places through the trails that people leave behind. It can be our utilization of nature through the industrial landscape or the structures we create through institutions. Most often the documentary is mixed with the artistic, photographs with collected text and archival material.

Tina Enghoff is a photographer and visual artist who works with political and social issues. In recent years she has worked with artistic projects in prisons and socially deprived areas of Denmark and Greenland, focussing on collaboration. Enghoff strives to challenge and redefine power structures in projects that for example highlight globalization and how its profits are limited to the privileged few; or in projects that deal with the possibilities to regain ones cultural heritage in a colonial environment.

Grada Kilomba is an artist born in Portugal. In her film trilogy Illusions we encounter the well-known fables of Narcissus, Oedipus, and Antigone, reworked and performed by mime artists. Through ancient mythology and colonial history, Illusions speaks of human rights directly into our contemporary times.

Micael Norberg is a visual artist, University Lecturer in Free Art and Deputy Head of the Academy of Fine Arts at Umeå University. His work and methods can be seen as documentary and deal with being human, and the resistance and expectations that life is and involves.

Edith Marie Pasquier is a photographer and artist. She suggests that the poetic image holds the potential to be the political image. She endeavours to question presuppositions held of speaking and seeing, of who is ‘speaking’ and who is ‘seeing’ and what is the relation of others to this exchange. Increasingly, her work is composed of a series of tensions, mobile and immobile that hover within the image.

Katarina Pierre is Museum Director and Artistic Director for Bildmuseet at Umeå University since 2010. Under her leadership Bildmuseet has established itself as one of the leading museums in Sweden for international contemporary art and a meeting place for art and science.

Jenny Rova is a visual artist that works with a visual art that raise questions about what happens to an image if you move it from one space to another, from a private to a public or to a digital platform. How does this transfer influence the author, subject and the viewer? What are you as an artist allowed to do, according to the law and from a moral point of view?

Fredrik Svensk is active as a critic, educator, researcher, curator and editor-in-chief of Paletten Art Journal. His research is specialized on the biopolitics of art. In his teaching at Valand Academy his focus on the intersection between artistic research and practice, history of aesthetics and art, continental philosophy.

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Alexandra A. Ellis

Curator, documentary photography
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