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Från Moritz Schulz film Summerwar.

Film seminar

Wed 25 Nov
Thu 26 Nov
Bio Abelli

The annual photo seminar at Sune Jonsson Center for Documentary Photography  is 2020 converted into a two day film seminar as a part of Umeå European Film Festival (UEFF).

Wednesday 25 November

  • 3pm Welcome
  • 3:15–5:30 About the Forest + talk in Swedish
  • 6:30–7:15 Work-in-progress:
    “The smoke should swipe to Russia” about the smelter plant Rönnskär
    “Sharp black signs”  about author Stina Stoor
  • 7:45–9:15 Echo


Thursday 26 november


Tickets from Thursday 5 november at www.ueff.se and at Folkets Bio in Väven.
Free ticket to Work in progress 25/11 6:30 must be picked up at Folkets Bio, Väven before 25 november 5:30.

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Contact and information

Alexandra A. Ellis

Curator, documentary photography
+4690-16 39 38
+4673-926 26 85

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