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Elin Berge: Awakening

Photo Seminar 2018: Perfect Nordic

Thu 18 Oct — Fri 19 Oct
Bio Abelli,Passerade evenemang

Perspectives on conceptions about the Nordic countries

Photo Seminar 2018 • Thursday & Friday 18–19 October

This year’s photo seminar takes its starting point in some of the traits that we see as defining for the Nordic societies: equality, individualism, apperence and style, secularism, the welfare state and our connection with nature. The seminar takes place in collaboration with the Nordic photographers’ collective Moment, where six of the members explore the polarized image of the Nordic countries and present their individual photographic projects that reflect today’s realities in the Nordic countries. Curator Susanne Fessé who followed the group throughout the process gives an initiated presentation about the role of the curator and the historian Lars Trägårdh shares his long-term research into the Nordic model.

In connection to the seminar the exhibition Almost Perfect opens Saturday 20 October, where the seminar’s six photographers participate. Read more about them and their projects.

Languages: Swedish and English


12–1pm Registration

1–1.15pm Museum’s Director Ulrica Grundström says welcome and moderator Ola Nordebo gives a short introduction

1.15–2.15pm Susanne Fessé Curator med fokus på fotografi i en utvidgad roll (SWE)
[Cuator with focus an photography in an extended role]

2.15–3.15pm Chris Maluszynski Framgångsfrisyr (SWE)
Appearance is an important element of the Nordic success story. “Framgångsfrisyr” meaning roughly “The hairstyle of success”.

3.15–4pm  Fika

4–5pm Elin Berge Awakening (SWE)
About an intimate documentation of a loosely compound, leaderless, and separatist spiritual awakening movement taking shape in different kinds of spiritual women’s circles in Sweden.

5–6pm Eivind H Natvig In One Hundred Years All Is Forgotten (SWE)
The concept of the future feels abstract. Even as we discover the impact of past sins, most of us live with little regard of what negligence will be harvested by future generations.

6–6.15pm Summary

6.15–7pm Mingle and guided tour in the exhibition Almost Perfect

7–10pm Dinner in the museum’s cafe



8.30–9.30am Knut Egil Wang Jante (ENG)
The ideal of equality is key to explain why the Scandinavian countries have less social problems and are often regarded the best countries to live in. Being equal means not standing out from the crowd too much.

9.30–10.30am Juuso Westerlund Children of Paradise (ENG)
Välfärdsstaten baserad på socialdemokratin är kanske det viktigaste elementet i den nordiska modellen, i dag syns alltfler tecken på att detta inte längre gäller.

10.30–11am Fika

11am–12 Marie Hald Beginning of the Party (ENG)
Alcohol traditionally plays an essential role in many different settings in the Danish society. Beginning to drink can be seen as a rite of passage into adult life.

12–1pm Lars Trägårdh Den nordiska modellen (SWE)
[The Nordic Model]

Link to application form (only available in Swedish)

Contact and information

Alexandra A. Ellis

Curator, documentary photography
+4690 20 20 338

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