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Vania Panes Lundmark i sitt verk "Övergångar". Foto: Karin Holmer.

Temporary art installation

Sun 20 Jun 15:00—15:30
Passerade evenemang,Stadsliden

Liminal Time by Vania Panes Lundmark

The site for the installation is by the Stadsliden trails, on the right hand side about 5 minutes walk from the windmill at Gammlia open air museum.
Please note: if you are early, please wait by the mill until a person announces that the work is ready.

The time in between. When the transition happens. Where are you then?
When you know that it has started and that it will end. But not right now.
Completely still, at the junction of friction and gravity.
And the movements inside of the body.

The installation is part of the Umeå Art School Bachelor’s exhibition Mumble Speak


Mumble Speak

Academy of Fine Arts, Graduation Exhibition for Bachelor’s Degree

Contact and information

Sofia Andersson

Programme Coordinator
+4690 20 20 308

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