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Tornedalian’s day

Sun 4 Oct 11:00—17:00
Passerade evenemang

The Tornedalians are one of Sweden’s five national minorities, the other are Sami, Jews, Romani and Sweden finns. The museum celebrate every minority on their “red-letter days”.

Tornedalian’s day is officially celebrated on July 15. Together with Tornedalians in Umeå we have chosen to  observe it in the autumn instead.

  • During the day “kaffetår” i served in the cafe – bits to taste of coffe cheese, cloudberry, reindeer meat and cookies.
  • Meet members of  the association Tornedalingar i Umeå in the meeting room Fjället.
  • Mervi Erkheikki reads in meänkieli for children in Minimus.

Contact and information

Sofia Andersson

Programme Coordinator
+4690 20 20 308

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