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Wed 16 May 17:00
Hall 8,Passerade evenemang

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Curator Alexandra A Ellis visar museets fotoutställningar och berättar om Sune Jonsson Centrum för dokumentärfotografi.



Children and youngsters are important in Sune Jonson’s photographs treasure of images. Here we The little ones, busy with their everyday chores, extensive personal responsibilities, and at the same time engrossed in simply being a child. Of those we meet here some are familiar, others we encounter for the first time.

A pioneer

Lina Persson, one of Västerbotten’s first female photographers

Remote Possibilities

18 February – 27 May 2018
Mishka Henner is known for his political work in the digital era and his work exists on the border between art and documentary photography.

Contact and information

Alexandra A. Ellis

Curator, documentary photography
+4690 20 20 338