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North Sami Camp

The Northern Sami curved pole hut at the open-air museum was built based on the camp by lake Gausjosjön in Storuman municipality. The camp is from the 1930s and was used until the 1960s.

Like South Sami huts, Gammlia’s North Sami peat hut consists of a frame of curved birch poles, inner walls of birch poles and insulation of bark and peat. The difference between the two types of huts is primarily that the North Sami hut has a higher ceiling with steeper walls and is rounder in shape than the South Sami hut.

There are also differences in how the peat is put into place. In the North Sami hut, pieces of peat are piled on top of each other with the grassy side down, while in the South Sami hut the peat is placed in two layers with the dirt sides against each other.

Like its inspiration, the North Sami hut at Gammlia has a window and a wood stove. Including these also highlights changes and developments in building style.

Contact and information

Urban Gelfgren

Head of Department: The Destination
+4690 20 20 352

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