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Using Landscapes

Fanny Carinasdotter
Anja Örn
Tomas Örn

Using Landscapes is an ongoing project that started in 2016 and is a collaboration between Fanny Carinasdotter, Anja Örn and Tomas Örn. The artists take inspiration from the Boliden’s Aitik open-pit copper mine located just outside of Gällivare and explore the aesthetics of extraction. They look at the human and ecological consequences of the mine’s expansion and follow relocation and movements in a changing industrial landscape.

The exhibition displays elements of the Using Landscapes project. The first part with the same name is a video installation that explores the landscape around the pit using text and image. The piece shifts over the boundary between industry and nature, and touches upon the areas of conflict that arise when different interests meet. Rather than following a single story with a definite starting point, the artists allow the many voices to remain conflicting and multifaceted.

The second part, A Disappearing Place, documents relocation and the attempt to recreate some of the major natural values that are lost as the mine expands. The artists follow dead trees in various stages of decomposition and that are moved from one area of major natural value to another with less value in an experiment to recreate natural value in another place. The relocation of the trees also represents human resettlement. The trees and paths represent both personal stories and ask questions about the anthropocenic age we are in.

Using Landscapes is impemented with support from Galleri Syster  and is produced in collaboration with Statens konstråd.

A Disappearing Place s impemented with support from Konstnärsnämnden.
The music is composed by Robert Pörschke.

Contact and information

Alexandra A. Ellis

Curator, documentary photography
+4690 20 20 338

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