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Blue years

Blue years

Maria Mäki

A short documentary with two different perspectives on Sweden Finns. It’s a story of existence, language, and longing. Antti, 75, was born in a Sami family, and Lovisa, 29, grew up surrounded by Swedes. Both of them have learned Finnish in early life which has had an impact on their self-image, and …

Sun 17 Jun - Sun 30 Sep

Looking for Alice

Fotografen Siân Davey iscensätter en psykologisk och känslomässig resa mot att förstå och lära känna sitt barn, och blottar samtidigt okunskap och förutfattade meningar
Sun 6 May - Sun 26 Aug

Fabuluos school

The swedish public school started 1842, more than 175 years ago.
Thu 14 Dec - Sun 19 Aug

A pioneer

Lina Persson, one of Västerbotten's first female photographers
Sun 22 Oct - Sun 30 Sep


Children and youngsters are important in Sune Jonson's photographs treasure of images. Here we The little ones, busy with their everyday chores, extensive personal responsibilities, and at the same time engrossed in simply being a child. Of those we meet here some are familiar, others we encounter for the first time.

Ski exhibition

The highlight is the world’s oldest ski, which dates back to about 3 400 BC

Building preservation

A knowledge bank with information on local building traditions, different architectural styles, older building materials and craft techniques. Here you will find information and inspiration on matters related to the care and preservation of buildings.…

Sun 19 Nov - Sun 2 Sep

Priority: Minority

There are five national minorities in Sweden: Jews, Roma, Sweden Finns, the Tornedalen Finnish and the indigenous Sami. Despite having lived alongside each other for centuries, the museum’s archives contain very little in the way of collected material and descriptions relating to the lives and conditions of these minorities.

Rock art in Sàpmi

Photos, film and images give you an insight into the representational world of Stone Age man.


An entire exhibition on textiles! Clothes from past and present, socks, ties, tiny little children’s shoes and huge men’s boots. Fashions and trends, attractive and ugly, techniques, materials and fabric care.