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Conference & Event

Note! Cancelled until further notice

Welcome to the museum with your business, association or group. We offer a special environment that ensures a high quality meetings. Combine your meeting with activities in our exhibitions or at the Open Air museum. Lunch and fika is served in our cafe. And of course you do not have to arrange a meeting to participate in activities. Let us know what you are looking for, and we make up something nice and interesting.


Conference packages include:

  • Museum host that welcomes
  • Well equipped meting room
  • Free wifi
  • Table for registration in the entrance hall if needed
  • Water and fruit
  • In the morning: coffee or tea and sandwich
  • Afternoon fika with cookie

Full day package
Starts at 498 SEK/person (622 incl VAT) lunch and fika

Half day package
Starts at 325 SEK/person  (406 incl VAT)


Bio Abelli Auditorium

Equipment: Wireless mics, HD-projector
Paper, pens, post-its
Capacity: 90 seats

Meeting room Skogen
Equipment: HD-projector, whiteboard, blackboard
Paper, pens, post-its
Capaity: 25 seats

Meeting room Fjället
Equipment: HD-projector, smartboard, whiteboard
Paper, pens, post-its
Capacity: 14 seats

Meeting room Kusten

Equipment: large screen-TV with HDMI-connection
Paper, pens, post-its
Capacity: 10 seats


Activities and experiences

Sami cultural traditions
Guide from the museum tells about reindeer keeping, nomadic life, food traditions, handicraft, and more.
We are sitting on reindeer skins by the fire, taste coffee cheese and try lasso throwing.
3900 SEK/group (4875 incl VAT). Max 20 people. Duration: 90 minutes.

Baking in the bakery house
Guided flat bread baking.
4200 SEK/group (5250 incl VAT). Max 20 people.Duration: two hours.

Baking, churning, roasting
Guided flat bread baking in the bakery house. Butter churning and coffee roasting in Wallmarksgården.
7800 SEK/group (9750 incl VAT). Max 25 people. Duration: två timmar.

Bigger groups, up to 100 people, will be split into three
Station 1: Guided tour in the museum’s main building, 30 minutes
Station 2: Guided tour at the farm, 30 minutes
Station 3: Guided tour at the sami camps, 30 minutes
7.600 SEK (9500 incl VAT)

Booked bus groups
Guided outdoor tour, coffee and sponge cake  in the cafe.
100 SEK/person (125 incl VAT)

In the bakery house. Photo: Petter Engman

Contact and information

Jessica Jutila

Receptionist, Event manager
+4690 20 20 360