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Art Salon Bothnia 2018

Everyone who is age 18 or older – and is active in, was born in or has other ties to Västerbotten and Norrbotten – can apply for this juried art salon. The theme is wide open and art in different materials and forms of expression is welcome.

The salon has a democratic and important function in which everyone, both professionals and amateurs, is given the opportunity to participate in the public dialogue to which the art world contributes.

Two juries, one for each county, have made choices among the anonymous contributions. In the selection process the juries have only taken into consideration photos of the works submitted as well as information about technique and size.

The jury for Västerbotten consists of Museum Director Daniel Werkmäster from the Uppsala Art Museum, Museum Director Tomas Järliden from Bror Hjorths Hus and artist Jacob Dahlgren. They had to assess 317 applications, and after a day of intense deliberation, they accepted 60 artists for the museum in Umeå and 22 for the Skellefteå Art Gallery. Norrbotten received 275 applications, of which 93 were accepted.

Art Salon Bothnia 2018 is a collaboration among the Skellefteå Art Gallery, Västerbottens museum, Norrbottens Museum and Luleå Art Gallery.

Selected artist to the salon in  Umeå

A slide show with some of the works:

Contact and information

Suzanne Steneberg

Art’s Curator
+4690 20 20 319

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