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Från ett besök hos Albert och Tea Jonsson i Nyåker 1956

The village with the blue house 60 years old

In 2019, sixty years have passed since the book The Village with The Blue House was first published. In this book, Sune Jonsson retells through photography and text a series of childhood memories from his home town of Nyåker. To protect the integrity of those depicted and at the same time make the stories universal, he has chosen to give the persons fictitious names. The photographer and author wanted to show that what is happening in a small village in Västerbotten does not differ from life stories in other parts of the world.

Here we meet villagers in all stages of life such as home delivery, school closure, wedding and funeral. People are portrayed in their professional roles, as blacksmith, shoemaker and seamstress. We are also introduced to the story about Natan, who twice in his life has experienced the worst thing that can happen to a man, and about Emil the dreamer and the explanation to why he painted his house blue – the story that gave the book its name.

In The Village with The Blue House which is Sune Jonsson’s first book you will find the elements that would become his lifelong driving force and mission: to see, listen to and illuminate people and their life stories that populate places beyond the horizon of decision makers, but nevertheless are affected by the consequences of the decisions they make.

The exhibition is produced i collaboration with art historian Ellinor Gustafsson

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Alexandra A. Ellis

Curator, documentary photography
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