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Strange things, they happen all the time

Sun 25 Apr — Sun 3 Oct

Kluster Konsthantverk [arts and crafts]

What is odd? What is self-evident? The same question can have hundreds of answers.

The members of Kluster Konsthantverk [arts and crafts] include reflections on the strongly personal and the age in which we live, on odd things both large and small. They ponder over the unquestionable significance chance has on all creative activities and are amazed by
the throng of parallel phenomena and alternative truths. Their work
is animated by magic and emotions and is distinguished by their handcraft.

Kluster Konsthantverk was formed in 2015 in Västerbotten by 14 artists who work in glass, ceramics, textiles, wood and silver. They are active in a network focused on supporting arts and crafts through outreach and joint projects and on strengthening the role of material-based arts in Västerbotten County.

Kluster serves as a mental space for the exchange of ideas, methods and expertise, and as a meeting place in thought and action. The group arranges joint exhibitions, events, workshops and lectures.

Participating at the museum:

  • Rebecka Adelhult Feklistoff, konstnär
  • Pär Axelsson, keramiker
  • Camilla Caster, glaskonstnär
  • Eva Dahlberg Axelsson, textilkonstnär
  • Margaretha Holmlund, keramiker
  • Eva Juneblad, glaskonstnär
  • Christina Larsson, keramiker
  • Britt-Lis Lindqvist, textilkonstnär
  • Åsa Renström, silversmed
  • Eva-Karin Sandqvist, keramiker
  • Ann-Mari Simonsson, keramiker
  • Jögge Sundqvist, slöjdare
  • Isa Öhman textilkonstnär

Contact and information

Suzanne Steneberg

Art’s Curator
+4690 20 20 319

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