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Maja Daniels: Elf Dalia

Sun 27 Sep — Sun 15 Aug

Maja Daniels’ personal interpretation of Älvdalen’s vivid cultural heritage depicts the mystery of the area and the actively used Elfdalian, a language with roots in Old Norse. Elf Dalia examines history, language, rituals, mysteries, and oddities of daily life. The exhibit explores how mystery and folklore have formed the stories about Älvdalen, and how superstition and occultism are expressed in a modern society, deeply influenced by science and facts.

Maja Daniels combines her own works with photo­graphs from Tenn Lars Persson’s (1878–1938) archive. Persson was an avid photographer and collector of local history and mythology. With an interest for the unknown, he used photography in experiments with astronomy and physics. With 100 years between them, these two image creators meet in this exhibit in a visual dialogue about Älvdalen’s many mysteries.

The exhibition also opens up to questions that are relevant to the countryside of today; about the value ​​of local cultural history in identity-creating processes, about the demographic challenges that sparsely populated areas face, and about a generational change where negotiations and tensions between modern lifestyle and tradition take place.

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Alexandra A. Ellis

Curator, documentary photography
+4690 20 20 338

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