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Illustration: Frida Hammar

Once Upon a Time in Västerbotten

Play and learn with Anna, Stina and Per

Interactive culture history about Västerbotten in late 19th century.

Discover Västerbotten’s history on a journey along Ume River one late summer day in the 1880s. Your trip will take you from the Tärna mountains in the west to Umeå in the east, where Stina, Anna and Per will share stories about what their lives were like.

Stina lives in the Sami camp in the Tärna mountains, where the family has begun preparing for the winter move with the reindeer to the grazing lands in the forests. The tent and all their supplies are being checked and packed in preparation for the move.

On the farm near Granö, where Anna lives, it’s harvest time. The family is working to harvest, rake and hang the barely to dry in their large hay rack but they also need to take care of the farm’s animals.

In Umeå harbour, the ship Nanna has come in with goods like coffee, sugar and salt from countries far away. Per is an errand boy and is busy unloaded the goods that will be sold in the shops.

Do you want to see what it was like being a child 150 years ago by helping Stina, Anna and Per with their chores? Start by changing into period clothes in the children’s workshop Minimus. Then all you have to do is get to work. Once you’ve finished your chores, it will be even more fun to play. You could even try your luck fishing in Ume River.

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Museum Teacher
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