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Left: Torvald and Vivan Forsman, Lina Persson herself and Tage Persson together with his fiancée Anna who worked at the inn in Dorotea. At Killingholmen in lake Lavsjön, Lavsjö, Dorotea parish Right: Sitting in the foreground Ingrid Engman. Otherwise same persons as in the left side image

A pioneer

Lina Persson (1885–1981) is one of the county of Västerbotten’s first female photographers. She was active in Lavsjö, Dorotea municipality between 1916 and 1936. Since Lina Persson had no studio she used her floral kitchen wallpaper as backdrop or travelled by bike or on foot to the nearby villages where she took her portraits in the open air. For economic reasons she used a technique where she split the glass plates so that every plate contains two exposures. In this exhibition is shown several examples of such diptyches.Through the agency of photographer Sune Jonsson, Lina Persson’s collection of 289 glass plates of the size 10×15 centimeters was submitted to the museum in 1974. Many of Lina Persson’s images lack information about date, location and names of persons involved.



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