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Skolmognadsprov 1950. Foto: Yngve Karlsson/Stockholms stadsmuseum

Fabuluos school

6 May – 26 August 2018

What was school like 100 years ago compared to today? And how do we want it to be in the future? Join Fredrika and August and their teachers as you go through the different rooms and eras in the exhibition. Write in a sand tray, see what a teacher’s home looked like, come into the Story Library’s world and listen to new stories written by Ulf Stark. There is something for the whole family here, such as educational material for school trips and opportunities for further study. The evolution of the school system and teaching profession is presented in a playful and informative way. Also on display here are pictures by our best loved artists that were published in newspapers and books for children.

Contact and information

Helena Magnusson

Head of Department: Public
+4690 20 20 343

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