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"Wrestlers" och "Carrier"

Floating Mythologies

15 March – 7 June 2020

Mark Frygell’s paintings are colourful, and the brush strokes powerful. Thick layers of oil paint spread over large canvases portray grotesque – yet enticing – images, populated by figures of uncertain themes, purposes and existence. Distorted bodies squeezed together in strange positions with ambivalent associations. Certain elements stand out like an x-ray image; a shoulder joint or kneecap; a collarbone or calf muscle. Dominance and submission, tenderness and brutality. The inspiration behind Frygell’s paintings and their high and low references can be found in expressionism, religious imagery, pop culture and mythology.

Mark Frygell was born in 1985 in Umeå. He graduated from Umeå Academy of Fine Arts in 2014. His paintings are shown at exhibitions in Sweden and abroad. Since 2015 he lives and works in Stockholm.

Interview with Mark Frygell


Contact and information

Suzanne Steneberg

Art’s Curator
+4690 20 20 319

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