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Vitterskåpet. Foto: Petter Engman

Worlds of Notions

Magic and folklore have long been self-evident aspects of Västerbotten traditions, but what happens with these ways of viewing the world when society transforms and changes? Västerbottens Museum’s ethnologist, storytelling curator, and documentary photographer explore in the exhibition modern expressions of popular beliefs with a focus on folklore, magic, and unexplainable events. The exhibition shows examples of old stories, collects new ones, and tracks how traditional oral traditions have been passed on to the present.

The exhibition consists of multiple parts: a collection station, the short film När skrömta härjade i Svartberget (The Haunting of Svartberget ), an essay by Tommy Kuusela, and photographs from places with stories of strange or unexplainable experiences.

Contact and information

Sofia Breimo

+4690 20 20 321

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