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Ackumulation I. Albert Johansson, 1963

Bingo Wing

One second, life is like holding up a rainbow. The next, like having a fish in your lap. Basically, awkward.

This exhibit has been produced by youths working together with Hikikomori in Umeå. They have search through the museum’s art archive, made individual selections, chosen a theme together, created a coordinated whole, and driven the entire process of curating an exhibit together with a museum teacher.

Hikikomori is a health-promoting organisation that organises group activities to build self-confidence, improve self-esteem and inspire participants. It is a starting point for those interested in becoming better prepared for studies or working life.

Participants: Julia Ronnling, Jakob Gabrielsson, Älva Hellgren, Samuel Edlund, Tova Jonsson, among others.

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Ingela Wall

Museum Teacher
+4690 20 20 342

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