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Klättring i repstegen intill båten Egil. Foto: Petter Engman

Port Town Umeå

It is a summer day in the early 1880s in Umeå. The sailing ships are lined up in the port, and both children and adults are unloading goods to be sold in the town’s shops. A steamboat is ready to depart with passengers travelling Umeå–Stockholm, via Holmsund. The town’s people, farmers, sailors and horse-drawn waggons are packed on the narrow streets above the harbour, while the cows are being herded to graze in Haga. But wait, is that music? Can it be an organ-grinder who has come to town?

Welcome to an interactive exhibit for the entire family about life in the past in Umeå. Come have fun and learn about work, family life and entertainment together with the errand boy Per. Try your hand at working in the shop, cooking in Per’s kitchen, loading and unloading goods on the play boat Nanna, step on to the steamboat Egil and much, much more. Era-appropriate cloths are available to borrow.

Contact and information

Maine Wallentinson

Museum Teacher
+4690 20 20 347

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