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Skogen skyddar livet II, detalj

History in Stiches

7 April – 9 June 2019
The embroidered narrative images of Britta Marakatt-Labba combine mythology and politics They resurrect nearly erased memories, critique conditions of contemporary life and foresee and warn against what might happen in the future. Her works can be regarded as “history in stitches” or “embroidered narratives”. Many of the works are monumental depictions of historical events in which societal commitment and activism are combined with ingenious pictorial solutions.

With Marakatt-Labba, it is not only the theme and vision that relate to Sámi reality, but also the textile expression itself in the form of embroidery and appliqué. Her narrative images have much in common with what the Northern Sámi call duodji – applied art or design.

“History in stitches” is a collaboration between Lunds Konsthall, Kohta in Helsinki and Västerbottens museum.

Contact and information

Suzanne Steneberg

Art’s Curator
+4690 20 20 319

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