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I 20 & K 4: Perspectives on the regimental town

2 December 2018 – 8 September 2019

Not long ago Umeå was a garrison town with two big regiments, I 20 and K 4, that had a strong impact on the city and its inhabitants. This exhibition shows among other things objects from the now disused Västerbottens Regementes Museum [Västerbotten Regimental Museum].

An emphatic aim with the exhibition is also to widen the perspectives on regimental history by using it as an arena for collecting memories and stories of kinds that are not normally told in the regimental context.
What was it like to work at the regiment as a woman?
What do the conscientious objector tell?
How did people that lived outside the heteronormative order experience the military environment?

The exhibition is continually extended by memories and stories from its visitors.

We look forward to welcoming your perspectives.

Contact the museum at regementsminnen@vbm.se

Contact and information

Sofia Breimo

+4690 20 20 321

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