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Priority: Minority

There are five national minorities in Sweden: Jews, Roma, Sweden Finns, the Tornedalen Finnish and the indigenous Sami. Despite having lived alongside each other for centuries, the museum’s archives contain very little in the way of collected material and descriptions relating to the lives and conditions of these minorities.

This exhibition aims to change that. We are now able, together, to fill an empty room so that future generations can be given an accurate picture of the Västerbotten region in the first decade of the twenty-first century. The exhibition is an open space for shared creativity, a continuous contemporary documentation. And the longer the exhibition lasts, the more content there will be. The hope is that by the time the exhibition closes in 2018, the room will have been filled.

Photos below by Petter Engman.

Contact and information

Sofia Breimo

+4690 20 20 321

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