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Gille Höglander, Utan titel, 2006

Forthright and creative joy

Sun 30 Jun —Sun 12 Jan

Västerbotten folk art

Folk painters, woodcarvers, naive artists, amateurs – the nomenclature varies. The common denominators are the desire and creative joy they manifest and the prominent details and rich colours in their works. The term “folk art” can be applied to art created by people without formal art education. A significant part of what is called folk art consists of furniture and household utensils. These utility items are missing from the exhibition “Forthright and Creative Joy”, which instead shows works with an explicit artistic intention. More and less well-known artists within the framework of folk art are well represented in the Museum of Västerbotten’s art collection.

Folk art often has a narrative character and frequently relates to childhood and the home district of the artists. Their desire and will to express themselves is greater than the need to achieve the right perspective and correct proportions. The results become personal, headstrong and independent works of art seldom influenced by the styles and artistic currents of the time. Some are poetic or romantic, others are burlesque and many are visionary. Together they make up a motley crowd.

Several of the exhibition’s works depict Västerbotten cultural heritage in the form of customs, practices and traditions. This gives them documentary qualities important in understanding the county’s cultural heritage.

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