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Short cuts

Short cuts – Anna Kristensen & Peter Lundström

Sat 5 Feb — Sun 28 Aug

Forty years: divided into two decades on either side of 2000. Two artists who are also a family. Anna ­Kristensen and Peter Lundström met at Brage Art Academy in Umeå in the late 1970s. Having been active artists since then, they are now holding a major retrospective with a selection from their paintings and photography taken from their four decades of work.

Kristensen and Lundström belong to the class of art students that managed to complete two years at the top-quality art academy Brage, which opened in 1977 and closed just two years later. The two-year education leveraged a frequent guest teacher system with the most renown Swedish artists and opened the way for the fine arts academy that opened eight years later in Umeå. Together and individually, this artist couple developed two unique styles now being shown together in the exhibit.

Anna Kristensen creates fictional worlds with her paintings and is the director both staging and performing in these worlds. The identities she creates move freely through time and space, sometimes in dialogue with works from art history. In the same way that the figures from the works move between worlds, Kristensen likes to display the works in different types of rooms: in galleries and art halls, but also anonymously painted straight on shipping containers.

Peter Lundström uses his art to explore processes over time. A clear example is his self-portrait series with photographs of reflected surfaces from different places around the world, a documentation of time that began in the summer 1979 in Paris and that continues today. In his paintings, Lundström tests different aspects of neutral observation and has been interested in how meanings change depending on the context and who is doing the observing.

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Suzanne Steneberg

Art’s Curator
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