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Curiosity and Control, Albin Biblom. Beskuren

Theatre of the Wild – Albin Biblom

Sun 27 Feb — Sun 18 Sep

The longing to understand and become one with nature takes many expressions, and the topic is full of paradoxes. In Theatre of the Wild, Albin Biblom explores the thin line between curiosity and dominance and appreciation and control, and exposes the human tendency to project themselves on nature. This exhibition includes photography and videos from two of Biblom’s larger works:

Curiosity and control looks at our relation to zoological gardens and natural history museums that strive to be a link between humans and nature, to educate and to preserve. The illusion of bridging the gap between civilisation and wilderness is created by recreating nature in a more manageable form. But when does it go from preservation to exploitation, and what ethical dilemmas arise from putting our own fantasy at the fore?

Mechkar is about Bulgaria’s dancing bears and their owners. A Romany tradition and a profession that has been passed from father to son for more than a thousand years. Animal rights organisations have now won the battle for the bears; they are being confiscated and can spend the remaining of their lives in a nature reserve. A symbolic action in the story of the human love for the animal. For the bears, from one type of imprisonment to another.

Albin Biblom is a photographer and filmmaker and has held many international exhibitions, primarily in Germany and the Netherlands. The questions he asks often revolve around the complex relationship humans have to nature and our need to master and control our world.

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Alexandra A. Ellis

Curator, documentary photography
+4690 20 20 338