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In a large collage, Sebastian Mügge examines Västerbotten county’s variable identities based on contemporary and historical starting points. This historical document, rich in details that fire the imagination, portrays a county in transition through both public and archival graphic material that recounts deeply personal stories of people in Västerbotten. The work uses the collections and archives of the Museum of Västerbotten as a starting point, building on them with visual elements from hashtag #västerbotten on Instagram to broaden the spectrum of voices shaping our common cultural history.

Sebastian Mügge was born in 1981 and grew up in Bonn, Germany. He has lived in Sweden since 2004 and was educated at Umeå Academy of Fine Arts. He has had a number of solo exhibitions both in Sweden and internationally and has had artistic interpretive assignments in Russia, Denmark and Sweden. Mügge was awarded the 2019 Region Västerbotten visual arts scholarship.

Contact and information

Suzanne Steneberg

Art’s Curator
+4690 20 20 319