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Foto: Elisabeth Ohlson

We work with our bodies

Sun 30 Oct — Sun 26 Feb

Two million people in Sweden perform manual labour. Manual labourers are seldom seen or heard from in media, at museums and in our public spaces. We want to change this. In this exhibition, 33 workers with different backgrounds, experiences and ages talk about their work. They share accounts of unsafe working conditions, lack of respect, and unsustainable structures. But also of organisation, pride, comradery, and the feeling of contributing to society.Without manual labourers, Sweden would grind to a halt.

Interview, text, production: Annica Carlsson Bergdahl/
Rot produktion. Photography/film: Elisabeth Ohlson.

In collaboration with Rot production, the County Museum of G.vleborg and ABF, with support from the Swedish Trade Union Confederation, Arbetarr.relsens kulturfond, and Region V.stra G.taland.

Contact and information

Helena Magnusson

Head of Department: Public
+4690 20 20 343